Washington County Bird Club

Christmas Bird Count

Our club participates in the annual Christmas Bird Count in Washington County.  (Count code MDWC).  Historical Data can be found be visiting Birdsource. The map can be seen with better detail with google earth which can be obtained for free if you don't have it.  Our local count coordinator is:

Mark Abdy mjabdy@yahoo.com      301-432-7696


Count Circle Regions 

Region 1: Northern arc of the count circle to include the area north of Rt 40/Hagerstown/Rt 64, west of where Trovinger Rd intersects with Rt 62, and east of Greencastle Pike/Rt 63. Also includes Kiwanis Park.

Region 2: Includes area south of Rt 64, west of White Hall Road to intersection with Rt 40.

Region 3: Eastern arc of the count circle to include the area east of White Hall Road and north of Rt 40 including Mt. Aetna Road and Rt 66 and Albert Powell Fish Hatchery.

Region 4: Greenbrier and Washington Monument State Parks, east of Rt 40 to include Mousetown Road and northeast of Boonsboro.

Region 5a: SE part of the county to include driving on the Antietam Battlefield, and the section south of Rt 34 over to Rt 67 as it comes out of Boonsboro.

Region 5b: Includes walking sections of the Antietam Battlefield which are included in the count circle.

Region 6: Section west of Rt 40 put of Boonsboro, south of Roxbury Road, east of Rt 65, and north of Keedysville Rd & Rt 34.

Region 7: South from Hagerstown to include area around Funkstown, west of Rt 40, east of Rt 32, and north of Rt 68/Roxbury Road and the prisons.

Region 8: Area south of Rt 68, west of Rt 65 all the way into Sharpsburg, and essentially east of Rt 63/Spielman Road. 

Region 9a: Taylor's Landing all the way upstream to Dam #4, and inland  from the C&O Canal bordered by Dam #4, Woburn Road, Sprecher Road, Houser Road, and a short section of Tommytown Road that connects with Taylor's Landing Road.

Region 9b: C&O Canal from Taylor's Landing downstream to Lock #40. 

Region 10: East of the Potomac River from Dam #4 Road upstream to Falling Waters Road, and inland to Spielman Road.

Region 11a: The Williamsport section east of the Potomac River and inland to Rt 40 and Rt 632.

Region 11b: The C&O Canal from Falling Waters Road upstream to the bridge in Williamsport.

Region 12:  Portions of West Virginia near Williamsport, Whitings Neck Road, and Terrapin Neck Road.

Feeder Counts: All feeder counts located within the count circle are welcome and encouraged.

Upcoming Events

Sunday, Aug 25 at 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Tuesday, Sep 24 at 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Tuesday, Oct 22 at 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Tuesday, Nov 26 at 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM